5 things to do in order to be happy

5 things to do in order to be happy

No other moment is as exhilarating as when you feel happy. It can be felt simply after seeing a puppy, or simply by spending much more time with friends, happiness may even result from rather trivial matters.

Beside this, happiness is the major pillar of inner peace, mind tranquility which gives peace of the spirit, according to Prem Rawat. If you always feel depressed despite the joys of life, keep reading this article. We know how important it is to take adequate measures in order to attain happiness.

Here are 5 little things each individual can do on a daily basis in order to feel happier

1- Set acts of kindness as a priority

The starter happiness kit is composed of, among many others, the following components: buy and send flowers unexpectedly to a colleague or a close relative, send a thank-you card to the one has never failed to support you, compliment someone, or even participate in a humanitarian action, within the Prem Rawat foundation,for instance.

If you know that you are to bring light to someone's day, it will also contribute to illuminating your own life.

2- Do a regular physical fitness activity

We may share a common point of view based on the findings that some fitness exercises may make us allergic; even so, there are still more ways to move our body to boost a good mood. Dancing, running, swimming, or even taking a brisk walk may stimulate the spirit.

The best is to try to do so without your cellphone or even without using your phone on a flight mode: disconnect all your devices from the network so that you are free from worries, but just live your life to the fullest.

3- Enjoy the little things

It can be a hot cup of coffee before you start work, bubbling bath enriched with lavender, or a very good book to read and to relax. If you learn to enjoy the smallest, most subtle things in life, then you will find it quite easy to appreciate beauty. Try to find peace in everything which may seem trivial in your everyday life.

Enjoy every bite of your food, find a feeling of fulfillment in your sleep and even at work, try to constantly feel positive and fill yourself with positive waves.

4- Write a book about blessing

Every day, whether it is after you wake up, or before going to bed, write down everything which has happened and to which you are thankful. This could be your friends, a new roof or even your new subscription somewhere. Whatever it is, the detailed descriptions will remind you every day that there are many reasons to smile.

You will see that when you go through the pages of your notebook every day, you will feel privileged and, most importantly, you will see that even in the most difficult times, you have always received at least one blessing every day.

5- It is enough to keep smiling

It is so simple, the act of smiling is contagious and the more you smile to people, the more they will smile back at you. They cannot refrain themselves from it. Even if you are in an early train at 8 :30 to go to work, your smile is probably the only thing that anyone crossing your path needs to see.