How to design an action plan for the quest of inner peace?

How to design an action plan for the quest of inner peace?

An entrepreneur knows how important it is to have a well-structured plan showing all the details of your future actions. It is essential to understand who, what, where, when and why within your company so that you could succeed in erecting a sustainable building. But have you ever considered designing a plan to enhance your own mind tranquility and peace?

It is just like how Prem Rawat puts it: « Without peace, life will seem empty».

Intention: the most important component of the action plan for inner peace

Intention is the most important part of your quest for inner peace. If you design an action plan, the first thing to do consists in elaborating a plan which aims to make sure that your emotional well-being is mastered. It is a decisive step towards the achievement of your goal.

The section on peace sets out a definition of your intention to reach your objectives while taking your mental and emotional welling-beings into account. If, at a certain moment, you realize that you have reached your goals in sales, for instance, but you are feeling so exhausted, it is a good idea to implement your peace plan and remind yourself that balance is also a vital aspect of your aspirations.

The best ways to establish your action plan in order to find inner peace

Avoid judging your thoughts

Judging your thoughts means providing evidence that something is good or bad. When you judge a thought, you tend to categorize your ideas according to your preferences. If you have a negative thought, your mind will relate your thought to unpleasant situations. It relates your thought to your wickedness that you have created yourself. Instead, let your thoughts go across your mind like still water, and do not attach yourself to them. Be a silent witness through meditation.

Replace your old thoughts with new ones

It is necessary to create new thoughts by deleting the ones which are not appropriate. If you are inclined to undermine your job or career, then you may need to nurture the following thought: « I will never be able to find a job that I like. All the good ones have already been taken». When you have such a thought, ponder over it and replace it with a more stimulating thought like: « Effortlessly and easily, the perfect job or the career has been granted to me in my life».

This way, train your spirit to develop positivity in providing it with new stimuli and deleting the old association. Keep exercising your mind that way, because you will need time more before you can harvest its benefits.

Question your thoughts

Having a thought does not mean that your thought is real. Question the reason for your thoughts. If you nurture the ideas that you have a shortage of everything, but you wish to attract prosperity to your life, then it is necessary to ask the reason why you have the ideas relating your life to poverty.

When you engage yourself in such negative thoughts as: « I am poor and destitute», get rid of that thought and find out if it is true; you will see that it is rarely true. You have repeatedly nurtured the thought in your mind, then, your mind is used to thinking about it and started to believe in it.

Follow your success

In business, you have to follow all steps to succeed; similarly, you have to act in the same way using your personal ability to deal with the chaos in life. Take a close look at all the monthly events, happenings and circumstances of your life, and find out whether you went through each of them with hostility and stress, or with peace and submission.

The truth is that, whether you have experienced a negative or a positive situation in your life, it won't change anything which has already happened; instead, it has simply modified state of mind and inner peace.

You can develop your understanding of everything and learn from your past mistakes, while reinforcing your ability to enjoy inner peace, as Prem Rawat suggested, in all circumstances.